How expensive are cigarettes comparatively in Germany? The average price of a normal pack is currently 6.70 euros per pack. The price can be identified by a tax band on the side of the cigarette pack. For a pack size of 20 cigarettes, a carton usually contains 10 packs. Thus, the price is 67 euros per carton. Smoking has become quite expensive when you consider that a pack of cigarettes was still less than 3.00 euros at the time of the euro changeover in 2002. This is an increase in price of about 143%. But why has the cigarette become so expensive. The main reason is the tobacco tax. This amounts to a considerable portion of approx. 59%, in addition still the value added tax of 19% comes. Thus, there are currently about 78% taxes on the cigarette prices. In our Polish online store, however, cigarettes cost much less. You can order up to 4 cartons of cigarettes a day for personal use. Cigarettes are much cheaper in Poland than in Germany. Therefore it is worth to order cigarettes from Poland. You have to pay attention to the duty-free allowances. Find out what cigarette prices you can expect in Poland, how the protection of non-smokers is there and what else you have to pay attention to.

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